casting spells
stringing up birds
pushing one’s way into church
forcing poor people’s poverty
into cardboard boxes
and sending it overseas
neatly stringed

embalming tiny tods and embryos
preparing all the beggars
as hunting trophies
having previously
bled them dry
and according to an old recipe
beaten till stiff

raping all houses
seducing the widows
and then turning them
inside out
rapturously devouring
the suffering of the starving
transforming the obese
into giggling bolsters
regurgitating  Picasso into Giotto

poking big asses
into oak barrels
ordering all generals
to cue up
and forcing  them to lick

caressing the bombs
putting the rockets
into pants made to the measure
embroidering kerchiefs
for fighter jets
before these in delirious desire
fuck the worlds presidents
into a frenzy

sensibly exiling the rush hour traffic
into the honey moon nights
better to breed carps
on spent Christmas trees

making soap out of nuns and monks
for the cleanliness next to goodliness
here on earth

police testicles turned into Aeolian harps
queuing on rosy thorns
for potatoes
dancing the polonaise
and hiding from the red cock
carving political prisoners into masks
hanging them on walls
so that they sit less time away

preventing at all costs
the unveiling of naked reality
cutting diplomatic silhouettes
from brutal facts
breeding gold shiting asses
in bank safes

and with the rats
fleeing from sinking ships
into perforated booming markets
senseless waiting
tearing to pieces
complacent citizens
tying down evening with dawn
pitiless torture of aged into youth
lifting and drifting
and tensing and painting
hair dying
massaging potbellies
nobody may cross the border unmutilated

masking falsehood
with exterminating virtue
thickening its corps
and storing it in bottles

soon the earth’s belly
is pumped out and empty
the air is choked
over oily sea
the fishless rivers
turn into brown pap
and evaporating flee
into Columbus’ old egg
into Mona Lisa’s cool smile